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Embrace the power of True Cannabis
All our Worlds in a delightfully designed container. Let our Worlds accompany you throughout your whole day. 100% natural and nicotine-free
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25 Pre-Rolled joints with blends of Cannabis and Officinal Herbs ready to be enjoyed at a moments notice. Each box includes one pack of Pre-Rolled joints from each of our Worlds: CREATE, RELAX, PARTY, SLEEP and PURE.


5 packs each with 5 Pre-Rolled joints, ready to be enjoyed in the most authentic tradition of the Cannabis smoker.

To ensure your Pre-Rolled are perfectly conserved, they should be stored in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

Technical Specification

Cultivated, processed and packaged in Switzerland. 100% legal. THC <1%. Nicotine-free. Contains 5 packs each containing 5g of Cannabis Flowers and Officinal Herbs.

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