Cannabis Flowers

CHF 69
Master your rest and reset body and mind
Sleeping soundly has never been this easy. Take care of yourself by taking care of your sleep.
Cultivated, processed and packaged in Switzerland. 100% legal. The package contains 3.5 grams of product.
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Fruity scent with intense hints of red berries



Cannabis Flowers range from green to copper


The color of MA SLEEP is characterized by vivid opaque green tones, veering towards copper. The scent is embracing and soothing, with hints of wild strawberries, blackberries and other red fruits. Compact, full of resin, this Flower accompanies you to fall and remain into a healthy, deep slumber


Our wonderful ceramic jar contains 3.5 grams of pure MA SLEEP Cannabis Flowers. Enjoy completing the preparation of this product yourself: once you have chopped up the buds, craft the perfect joint and discover their power smoothly and evenly; or by using a vaping device.

Technical Specifications

  • Cultivated, processed and packaged in Switzerland. 100% legal.
  • Eco-friendly ceramic and bamboo packaging.
  • Contains 3.5g of product.
  • Nicotine-free


  • Encourages deeper and more restorative sleep
  • Eliminates tiredness
  • Recharges the mind while resting

MA SLEEP is also available in the Pre-Rolled version: 5 joints ready to be smoked including a unique blend of SLEEP Cannabis Flowers and two officinal herbs – Blue Lotus and Chamomile – carefully selected for their incredible properties, the ability to give a satisfying and peaceful sleep.