Cannabis Buds
Cannabis Light Buds

The MA true cannabis Buds are an outstanding product. All our products have high CBD levels and a THC level in line with current regulations for the production of Legal Herbs. We have carefully and lovingly selected 4 varieties of Cannabis Buds which, in turn, create our 4 Worlds - CREATE, RELAX, PARTY and SLEEP - each one designed to offer you a unique and intense experience.

Cannabis Light Pre-Rolled

Pre-Rolled joints ready to be used at any time of the day. Each joint contains a blend consisting of Cannabis Buds selected by True Cannabis and a selection of two organic officinal herbs that strengthen the aroma, taste and effect. All this is enclosed in stylish minimalist packaging, which can keep each joint fresh and intact. You can also discover PURE, the fifth Mood created by MA true cannabis exclusively for the Pre-Rolled line, ideal for people who want to live an intense and embracing smoking experience: 5 joints made from pure and natural Cannabis Buds.