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100% Swiss Indoor True Cannabis production: combining nature, technology and passion.

At MA True Cannabis, we have optimized the concept of indoor cannabis production: eco-friendly, pesticide free, meticulous care for our plants and a passion for technology, research and development. These are the elements with which we have contributed towards defining a new international standard of True Cannabis production.

We have created a perfect, protected environment for our CBD Cannabis plants to grow and flourish.

Our CBD Cannabis indoor cultivation features revolutionary low energy consumption LED lighting systems, a unique air conditioning system, the use of entirely organic components throughout all stages of the growing process and development of our plants.

Nature meets science, all supported by the ambition and talent from our team of agricultural engineers, and our passion for the Cannabis plant

Nature as technology

Nature’s ingenious solutions have helped in the protection of our harvest, becoming an essential and inspirational element of our technology.

Growing plants while respecting the environment is an important challenge that MA True Cannabis has embraced as an authentic business philosophy.

Relying on entirely organic elements and with the aid of the most recent biodynamic techniques, this guarantees a Cannabis Flowers production with a unique global quality. 100% organic, with no harmful chemicals.

MA True Cannabis: Swiss-Made production of legal cannabis and CBD products
MA True Cannabis: Swiss-Made production of legal cannabis and CBD products

Our path to officinal herbs

We are the first brand in the world to introduce Pre-Rolled CBD cannabis joints, combining Cannabis Flowers made from our True Cannabis production with organic officinal herbs.

The choice of officinal herbs follows a strict process of selection, analysis, and quality control. Our raw material supply process is based only on products that have a certified organic origin and are purchased from producers who are regularly visited by our agronomists, resulting in a product that matches our guaranteed quality and reliability levels.

The medicinal herbs in our CBD Cannabis joints come from organic farms in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Only high-quality ingredients are included in our products to offer the unique experience that only MA True Cannabis can give.