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Iconic packaging and a status symbol

The outcome of years of research and design, consisting entirely of recyclable materials, the MA true cannabis Packaging has been created to guarantee the best conservation of our Cannabis Buds and Pre-Rolled products. Packaged in our protected environment, following the highest standards of hygiene, every product is prepared with the greatest care.

Respect for the environment, equilibrium, design and a constant search for perfection: these are the elements we have used as starting points for developing our Packaging, which has now become our brand icon.

The details are not the details. They make the design
Charles Eames

Ceramic and bamboo: history and elegance to preserve Cannabis Buds

A box designed to preserve a product of great value. Our designers’ mission was not easy: imagining and creating a packaging that would respect the highest quality standards, entirely made with eco-compatible materials and allowing the best conservation of our amazing True Cannabis Buds.

It is the perfect container for cannabis flowers, protecting their freshness and scent with the correct humidity levels, protected from sunlight and heat which could damage its precious contents. 

Pre-Rolled box: research, style and safety

The packaging for the MA true cannabis Pre-Rolled products is minimalist, refined and easy to take with you. Designed to protect and preserve the 5 joints inside of it, the box will accompany you discreetly and with style throughout the day.

The Pre-Rolled box holds 5 joints, positioned vertically within. This position is a homage to the most important aspect of the work carried out by MA true cannabis: the shape of a flower.

Inspired by Chinese traditions and based on the search for a perfect visual balance, our Pre-Rolled Box is made entirely of eco-compatible materials.

From plants to packaging

The guarantee of an excellent product requires implementing and closely monitoring the entire production process. As soon as they have been picked, our Cannabis Buds go through the final production stage: the preparation of the final packs. This stage is also characterised by the highest attention to detail and quality.

In collaboration with Swiss companies, leaders in the packaging sector for products aimed at the food and medicinal market, the MA true cannabis products benefit from a preparation and packaging process based on the highest technological and hygienic standards: the best guarantee for quality and conservation, for a product that aims to be outstanding.