Recharge your body andmind!

Recharge your wellbeing and energy, finding the right balance with correct relaxation. Reconnect body and mind, overcome your tiredness and recover lost sleep. Sleeping soundly has never been this easy!

master your rest
and reset body and mind


MA SLEEP is created to accompany you during your most important moments, dedicated to relaxation and physical and mental recharge. It is a path that searches for freedom, which can be found in sleep. Sleep is a natural condition, necessary for our psychophysical equilibrium: take care of yourself and your sleep.

Sleep Cannabis Bud

These Cannabis Buds are characterised by changing colour shades, from green to copper. Amazing hints of strawberry, red fruit and blackberry enclosed within compact flowers, full of resin.

The SLEEP Cannabis Bud, harmonious and embracing, is your ideal partner when organising your time off and regeneration.

Sleep Pre-Rolled

The Pre-Rolled Sleep product is a mix of True Cannabis and two officinal herbs with a century-old history: Blue Lotus and Chamomile.

The story of the Blue Lotus can be traced back to the Egyptians: Ha offered the lotus to Ra, the Sun God, to relieve the physical pain of his ageing body. It symbolises rebirth as it closes its corolla when sinking beneath the water in the evening, then opening up towards the sun’s rays. Chamomile, historically known for its soothing and relaxing properties, completes this unique blend.