finally relievestress!

Connect with yourself, discover your essence and release pressure in a society filled with claustrophobia and anxiety. Regain control of your wellbeing and, for a few hours, release your care free inner child.

connect with yourself
and finally relieve stress


MA RELAX is the CBD Cannabis Flower created for people who want to enjoy a moment of calm, reflection, and contemplation. It is always a great time to escape reality and start a journey of deep and intimate relaxation.

RELAX Flowers

Enjoy our RELAX CBD cannabis Flowers and their harmonious, compact, and delicately scented flowers with hints of herbs and wild moss.

RELAX CBD Flowers, with their beautiful green color and glints of blue, naturally symbolize a world of peace, contemplation, and meditation. Our RELAX CBD Flowers, both delicate and intense, will help you find an oasis of calm.

RELAX Pre-Rolled

RELAX Pre-Rolled CBD joints offer a unique blend of True Cannabis RELAX CBD Flowers with officinal herbs: Skullcap and Lavender.

Skullcap is a medicinal herb used in traditional Chinese medicine as a sedative for its anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic properties.

Lavender is another official herb credited with sedative, anti-spastic and anti-inflammatory properties.