rediscover yourself andrelax

Reconnect with yourself, rediscover your true essence and overcome the pressures of a claustrophobic and anxiety-producing society. Take back control of your space dedicated to wellbeing and rest and become, for a few hours and anytime you wish, the happy and light-hearted child you once were.

connect with yourself
and finally relieve stress


MA Relax is a Cannabis Bud created for people who want to rediscover a moment of calm, reflection and contemplation. Each moment of the day represents a perfect time to prepare a journey, an escape - a deep and intimate moment of relaxation.

Relax Cannabis Bud

A harmonious, compact and delicately scented flower with hints of herbs and wild moss.

With its green colour, a shade tending towards blue, the unmistakable Relax Cannabis Bud denotes a world of peace, contemplation and meditation. The Relax Cannabis Bud, delicate and intense at the same time, will help you find your moment of reflection and calm.

Relax Pre-Rolled

The Pre-Rolled Relax product is unique for its combination of Skullcap, a medical herb historically used in traditional Chinese medicine as a sedative and for its anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic properties, and Lavender, an officinal herb that has been credited with sedative, anti-spastic and anti-inflammatory properties.