start building your ownworld!

Release your creative potential, let your mind wonder beyond its limits and become the sole creator of your existence, finally venturing beyond conventions. Like a real Artist, start to paint your world in colour, breaking down the barriers of conformity and stasis, transforming your dreams into daily certainties!

free yourself and
start shaping your world


MA Create is the Cannabis Bud created for people who want to awaken the most creative side of their personality, freeing themselves from obligations and preconceptions and rediscovering freedom of thought, organic vision and reflective, creative pleasure.

Create Cannabis Bud

A beautiful, compact flower, strongly scented with a clear hint of bitter, fruity fragrance. Lemon and pine are among the many scents you will find in our Create Cannabis Bud.

The Create Cannabis Bud, with its caramel colour and distinct citrous tones, naturally stimulates your creativity and your desire to break out of the mould.

Create Pre-Rolled

In the Pre-Rolled version, the Create world is further refined by the addition of African Kanna, a centuries-old officinal herb that enhances enthusiasm, happiness and cheerfulness, and Mint, historically used as a home remedy for headaches and intolerance to light.