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Unlock your creative potential, set your spirit free and become the sole creator of your existence, finally breaking away from rules. Start painting your world in colours, refuse conformity and inertia, transform your dreams into reality!

free yourself and
start shaping your world


MA CREATE is the Flower designed for people who want to activate their creative personality and break free from prejudices. Rediscover the freedom of your thoughts, broaden your vision and create!


A beautiful, compact flower with a bitter and fruity fragrance. Lemon and pine are amongst the many scents you will enjoy in our CREATE Flower.

The CREATE Flower, with its caramel colour and distinctive citrus tones, naturally stimulates your creativity and your capacity to break down boundaries.

CREATE Pre-Rolled

The CREATE Pre-Rolled is a unique blend of True Cannabis, African Kanna and Mint. African Kanna is a centuries-old officinal herb that enhances enthusiasm, happiness and cheerfulness. Mint is historically used as a home remedy for headaches and migraines.