What is CBD? The cannabidiol of Legal Weed

What is CBD? The cannabidiol of Legal Weed

The hemp plant has a very ancient history. The studies dedicated to this specific matter have made it possible to discover that it was cultivated in China about 6,000 years ago and since then it has been part of the history and tradition of many people and tribes.

The consumption of marijuana, currently increasingly legally permitted, is based on limiting some of the natural compounds of the plant, which are actually over 400.

Those that mostly influence the effects of the plant on the consumers are two: THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol, and CBD or Cannabidiol.

Current production of Legal Weed is specifically based on the use of CBD properties.

What are CBD properties?

First of all, when we describe its properties, one must say that CBD is not a psychoactive substance, as opposed to THC.

CBD is particularly effective in the treatment of some psychotic disorders, perfect against anxiety and depression and it also improves the quality of time, with us and others, limiting restlessness and psychophysicaltension.

CBD does not alter perceptions, nor does it cause feelings of heaviness or lethargy. It is used in the treatment of inflammation, migraines, arthritis and muscle spasms and it is also a perfect natural relaxing product.

CBD effects

Now we are about to enter the bio-medical field. In fact, to fully understand all CBD effects, you actually need to know that the human being has an endocannabinoid system able to regulate neuronal excitability.

This allows us to be susceptible to cannabidiol (CBD), being directly stimulated through these particular receptors.

Cannabis is not a panacea and CBD does not act on a particular disease. More precisely, it acts as a "regulating" substance of our endocannabinoid system by intervening on conditions that are already part of our body.

In short: CBD affects the immune system or a pre-existing inflammation process by only accelerating the restoration of an original condition.

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