Study: EU CBD Consumer Report

Study: EU CBD Consumer Report

As the active component cannabidiol (CBD) from cannabis has gone via a massive growth in acceptance, European Union (EU) consumers are progressively being exposed to info and products—and attempting to appreciate the cannabinoid’s capacity and how it may best fit into their livelihoods.

Starting on Feb. 2020, inside the EU’s 27 member states, the 445 million citizens discover swelling possibilities to partake in the mushrooming cannabinoid marketplace, and brands will play a significant role in outlining their experiences. The EU CBD Consumer Report reviews cannabinoid availability, insights, consumption deeds, and implementation drivers. Here are the main insights from the EU consumer report.

Great consciousness and new users

The outcome portrays that the consciousness of cannabinoids among European customers is quite high. More than half of the respondents (56%) were aware of cannabinoid. Its utilisation is suggestively lower, with 16% saying they have used cannabinoids products or CBD. A majority (58%) of people who reported having utilised cannabinoids supposed they first attempted it in the previous six months.

Lawful attitudes and area appraisal

A majority (56%) assumed that cannabinoids customers should have legal access to it. Nearly one-third (35%) believed cannabinoids should be obtainable to anybody with a medic’s prescription or note, whereas an extra 21% supported its obtainability to all adults. Just 6% of study respondents felt that cannabinoids must be prohibited. A majority endorsed regulation and normalisation of cannabinoid products, with 58% approving that its laboratory trials should be officially required.

Tinctures and Oils are favoured

Whereas over half (56%) Europeans testified not knowing the dissimilarity between hemp oil and cannabinoid, an additional 22% were uncertain. Correspondingly underscoring misperception regarding the cannabinoid’s status, 30% of the respondents articulated doubt whether it was allowed for possession or purchase in their nations. Of the listed cannabinoids, adults in Europe were most conscious of cannabinoid (51%) plus THC (28%). Just 10% were aware of CBN, and all other cannabinoids ranked in the low single numerals.

Buying Verdict

Quality (75%) is the primary anxiety users reported regarding cannabinoid products, trailed narrowly by dosing precision (71%) and the existence of pollutants (70%). The permissible position of cannabinoid products (59%) plus the THC presence in those products (58%), whereas less significant, remain noteworthy disquiets. Roughly half (48%) of these respondents pointed out that such worries impacted the doses or frequency at which they consume cannabinoid and the varieties they buy (51%).

The most mentioned cannabinoid brands that purchasers report purchasing in Europe include Cannabigold, CBD Vital, Cannapower, and Nordic Oil, although none of those was claimed by over 10% of users. The customers display a high degree of product loyalty, with 67% saying that they usually or always buy the same makes.

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