True Cannabis()

We are the True Cannabis

A journey into True Cannabis, our Worlds created to accompany you in the discovery of a plant with thousand-year old benefits.

A natural product that will allow you to enhance your innate abilities and break down boundaries.

Do not be swayed by dogmas: rediscover the great energy that is within you, allow yourself to be guided on a journey towards freedom, energy and growth.


The world calls it Cannabis Light or Legal Grass; we produce True Cannabis.

We harvest the fruits of years of research and development that lead us to produce, with entirely organic methods and without the use of pesticides, the best Cannabis Buds in the world.

The flowers are compact, fragrant, naturally complex and rich in personality: CREATE, RELAX, PARTY and SLEEP, the access to 4 Worlds designed around you.

Cannabis Buds()

We are the first brand in the world to introduce Pre-Rolled that combine True Cannabis Buds and organic medicinal herbs.

Engaging, convenient and ready to smoke: our Pre-Rolled joints, in the PURE version and in the 4 Worlds of MA, are the celebration of our best Cannabis Buds.

Our Pre-Rolled joints harmoniously, delicately and engagingly combine the countless benefits of True Cannabis, with the history and properties of selected medicinal plants, with the greatest care and attention.


respect for theplant


The result of years of research and design, made entirely from environmentally friendly materials, the Packaging of MA true cannabis has been designed to ensure the best preservation of our Cannabis Buds and Pre-Rolled joints. All our products are packaged carefully in a protected environment, adhering to the highest standards of hygiene and quality control.


Each and every day we work with passion to ensure that your orders give you full satisfaction.

You will receive our products quickly and conveniently by means of the best channels on the market. Our team constantly searches for new delivery tools: eco-bikers, drone deliveries are just one example of what we are developing in collaboration with quality partners in the area.


Our system of beliefs

MA true cannabis was established in 2018 with the aim of thoroughly redesigning the cannabis market on an international level. Based in Switzerland, we proudly produce the best Cannabis Buds in the world, in full compliance with the limits imposed by law.

MA true cannabis is produced indoors, in an eco-sustainable, innovative and organic way. MA true cannabis is a brand that actively respects and encourages Corporate Social Responsibility: enhancement of our employees, optimal working conditions, corporate empowerment, and strict controls on the supply chain for the certification of the absence of child labour are just a few examples of our way of conducting our business.