We are the True CBD Cannabis

A journey into CBD Cannabis, our Worlds created to accompany you in the discovery of a plant with properties handed down over millennia.

CBD Cannabis is a rare, natural product that can improve your innate abilities and helps you break down your boundaries.

Don’t be trapped by rules, revive your energy and start a journey to freedom and growth enjoying all the natural properties of the True CBD Cannabis.


They call it Cannabis Light or Legal Weed. We produce True Cannabis

MA True Cannabis presents its 4 WorldsCREATE – RELAX - PARTY and SLEEP, all designed around you and accessible through our Flowers, Pre-Rolled, and CBD Oils available in our shop.

We grow and select extraordinary CBD Flowers, and produce high quality Pre-Rolled CBD Joints and CBD oil extractions by combining the best varieties of CBD cannabis with officinal herbs and essential oils, known for their properties since ancient times.

Our CBD Cannabis are the result of intensive research, innovative production and a strict selection process of CBD-rich Cannabis varieties

Our CBD Cannabis Flowers are compact, fragrant, rich in properties and personality.

As the essence of True Cannabis, we offer our CBD Cannabis Flowers in a ceramic and bamboo jar which efficiently preserves the qualities of the cannabis flowers and ensures the best experience for every use. Learn more about our stylish and effective product packaging design.

We are the first brand in the world to introduce Pre-Rolled CBD joints combining True Cannabis CBD Flowers and organic medicinal herbs

Our Pre-Rolled CBD joints are attractive, convenient, and ready to smoke. Available in CREATERELAXPARTYSLEEP, and PURE, our Pre-Rolled CBD joints glorify our best True Cannabis Flowers.

Our Pre-Rolled joints smoothly and delicately combine the countless benefits of True Cannabis Flowers with the beneficial properties of selected medicinal and officinal plants.

Our Worlds combined in a single signature box for you to gift or keep. Discover all our wonderful CBD Flowers and Pre-Rolled CBD joints in one gorgeous package.

The Discovery Box is the best way to dive into our CBD Cannabis Worlds. Each Discovery Box includes one pack of CBD Cannabis Flowers or Pre-Rolled CBD joints from each of Worlds: CREATERELAXPARTYSLEEP and PURE, each based on outstanding CBD cannabis varieties that we have selected for their exceptional organoleptic properties.


Our vision

MA True Cannabis was established in 2018 with the aim of profoundly redesigning the CBD cannabis market at an international level. We are based in Switzerland, where we proudly produce outstanding varieties of CBD Cannabis Flowers, in full compliance with the limits of the law.

Our True Cannabis is produced indoors in an eco-friendly, innovative, and organic way. MA True Cannabis is a brand that actively respects and encourages Corporate Social Responsibility: valuing our employees, a happy work environment, employee empowerment, and strict control of supply chains preventing child labor are just a few examples of our way of conducting our business in a sustainable way.

respect for theplant

Swiss Made

We take advantage of years of research and development allowing us to produce, organically and without the use of pesticides, incredibly CBD-rich Cannabis Flowers. Our CBD Flowers are compact, fragrant, rich in properties and personality.

Product Packaging Design

The stylish product packaging of all MA True Cannabis products is one of the results of years of research and design.

Made entirely from environmentally friendly materials, our product packaging is designed to ensure the best preservation of our CBD Cannabis Flowers and Pre-Rolled CBD joints.

All our products are packaged carefully in a protected environment, adhering to the highest standards of hygiene and quality control.

Shipping & Payment

Each and every day we work with passion to ensure that your orders give you full satisfaction.

MA true cannabis currently ships exclusively to Switzerland. We are constantly working to make our products available to more Countries. Sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date with all MA True Cannabis news, including availability of our products in countries outside Switzerland.